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INTRODUCTION / what's going on, come and learn

The Digital Symposium – The Ultimate Digital Experience

As digitized healthcare becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, dentistry must adapt to meet the demands and expectations which place patients at the centre of treatment planning. Over the past decade we have seen a digital transformation like no other. From riding trends such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D printing, home health technology, biotechnology, health sensors and trackers to personalized medicine and genomics.

It is truly remarkable how far healthcare has come and dentistry is no exception. Just as is the case in other medical specialties, disruptive innovations will have a huge impact on how dentistry will be practiced and how patients will take care of themselves in the future. Take oral health as an example – everyone knows how crucial good oral care is and how strongly it is connected to overall health. Now thanks to new technology, diagnoses can be made with more confidence and greater clarity, making conservative treatments easier to perform and putting prevention at heart of dentistry.

With healthcare moving at such a stratospheric rate the future of dentistry offers a unique opportunity for cooperation between humans and technology. These advances are elevating the precision and efficiency of treatment to unprecedented levels, and providing truly outstanding patient outcomes, faster than ever thought possible.

That is why the Digital Symposium is back again in 2018! We’re thinking big, thinking holistically and thinking differently.

This event aims to further the learning process for dental professionals, driving innovative solutions in terms of how we predict, diagnose, manage, treat and prevent illness. Taking part in the Digital Symposium will enable you to see emerging technologies and understand how they will impact the care you deliver. Featuring the finest group of educational and motivational speakers ever assembled at a digital dentistry conference in the UK, everyone who attends the Digital Symposium will walk away with a vision and a plan for a better future, and that’s exactly what we are setting out to achieve.

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution!


Featured Topics

Practice Management

Event Programme


Join us for the launch of the Digital Symposium 2018.

Healthcare needs a trip to Mars

We’re living in a wonderful age full of science fiction technologies. (from exoskeletons to driverless cars). We will even go to Mars. But patients are still not the point-of-care. Dr Meskó will explain why the needs of patients have completely changed and define what digital health is. He will also talk about what path we should walk on to bring digital health technologies to patients in a way that the human touch remains the essence of care. We need a healthcare system that would keep an astronaut on Mars alive. Only with that can we keep on improving people’s lives. (more…)

Latest innovations and trends in digital dentistry

Rune will speak about the latest digital innovations and trends in the dental industry. The presentation will cover the latest advances in Intra Oral Scanning, digital workflows, innovative software solution and digital manufacturing. Rune will demonstrate several of the latest key technology developments, discuss the digital journey and share his vision of the future “Digital Dentistry” and how digital dentistry can generate significant patient excitement. (more…)
Guy Meyers and Andy Sloan

Setting and tracking goals to boost business performance and plan for the future + business planning and exit strategies

Setting and tracking goals with Guy Meyers

Understanding performance progress is important at any stage in your business journey; as it presents an opportunity to tweak the processes that affect results and make changes before it’s too late. The theory of continuous improvement is not a new concept in business, but for dentists it represents a different way of thinking about how a practice operates. (more…)

Adam Nulty

The Business of Digital Dentistry

Making the decision to convert your practice to digital can seem like a daunting process, particularly in relation to the financial investment needed to take your practice to the next level. Dr Adam Nulty fully understands the commitment involved in making those initial steps and, speaking from experience and best practice, will deliver a practical workshop on the business benefits in going Digital. (more…)

Michael Thomas

Digital Workflows – Keeping it Simple

There are many applications of digital technology available in the dental workplace. This extends from the use of computers for record keeping and appointment planning, to the use of CADCAM technology to plan and manufacture dental restorative solutions. As intra-oral scanners and other digital applications become more widely accessible, the challenge is how best to incorporate this into the workflow for the technology to be effective in improving outcomes for the dental team and for the patient. (more…)

Tom Behaeghel

Increase your Aesthetics with CEREC – Stain and glaze workshop

Max 15 attendees It’s often said that the Aesthetics of a Cerec restoration is never on par with a custom-made crown from the dental lab. Even though we are capable of producing some high end restorations, we can never beat a crown that’s layered step-by-step by an experienced dental technician. But what if we can close that gap? What if we know some of the tricks those dental technicians are using, so a Cerec Dentist can bring his restorations to a higher level. (more…)
Alif Moosajee

Using CEREC for Guided Implant Surgery

CEREC is more than just a machine to make posterior crowns! CEREC can be used for so many applications and one of the best is for  transferring all of your implant planning into a handy  low-cost guide which makes Implant surgery far less stressful. (more…)

Jep Paschal

Sagittal First: The new movement in orthodontics

The cutting-edge SAGITTAL FIRST ™ Philosophy is used to correct Class II or Class III malocclusion at the beginning of treatment, when patients are most compliant. This protocol provides greater efficiencies, shorter treatment times, and stable long-term results. Dr. Paschal will share ground-breaking clinical evidence which will challenge your views on the same-day patient starts related to the traditional orthodontic workflow. (more…)

Colin Campbell and Mark Melbourne

Bar Stool Digital Coaching from Colin and Mark – Debunking digital myths for dental practitioners and technicians

To many of us the explosion of technology in digital dentistry leaves us breathless and terrified with the options available to us and the paths that we could or should take.

In an attempt to simplify some of these Colin Campbell and Mark Melbourne from The Campbell Clinic in Nottingham will provide a break out session of ‘bar stool’ coaching to discuss Sirona and 3 Shape digital pathways for dental practitioners and team members to learn and make sensible decisions for their routes ahead. (more…)

Professor Brian Millar, KCL

Creating Success with CRIOS CADCAM Composite

Max 20 attendees

In this 1-hour hands-on session, delegates will be able to understand the benefits to patient, clinician and laboratory in using a high density composite CADCAM block, see a range of suitable tooth preparations and cement a CRIOS crown. Limited to 20 delegates. (more…)

Cohan Rajan

CEREC with Waterlase Laser Dentistry: Predictable Single Visit Solutions

Digital dentistry enables provision of single visit solutions for patients in almost every clinical situation, with minimal post procedure pain and inflammation.

This presentation will provide an overview of Waterlase laser tissue interaction and how, in combination with CEREC, the two technologies provide a satisfying treatment workflow and profitable team. Co-integration into a fully digital workflow is great for treatment outcomes and maximises efficient use of time. (more…)

Andrea and Alessandro Agnini

1Hour 1Flow Educational Digital Concept

Nowadays digital dentistry is already a reality. With the advances in digital technology dentistry has benefited in many ways. Faster more efficient workflows have been developed, making clinical practice not only better for the patient but also more profitable for dental practices. (more…)
Ian Buckle

From Smile Design to Predictable Placement- practice and laboratory methods for beautiful, long-lasting solutions.

All of our patients want a beautiful smile that meets their expectations but they also expect it to last a long time, be healthy and function perfectly. So how do we achieve these goals in the digital world? In this presentation Ian will describe why understanding the patients’ wishes and then helping them visualize the possible result is paramount to the success of every case but also why delivering health and function will lead to predictability, efficiency and productivity. This in turn will help you grow your reputation and lead to excellent word of mouth referrals. (more…)
Dale Flanagan and Jimmy Littmann

Design and produce your own surgical guide

Max 10 attendees

An introduction to 3Shape Implant Studio and Formlabs demonstrating an accurate, convenient and cost efficient digital workflow with a seamless 3D printing production in-house. Registered users will work on a demo case digitally planning, designing and 3D printing a surgical guide to take home! (more…)

Daniel Dunka

Digital impressions via Sirona Connect

Hands on workshop in which I will demonstrate the ease and simplicity of taking digital impressions and sending them to your favourite lab. I will also present the the lab side part of the work flow and the different production options available whilst staying within the Dentsply Sirona SW and product family. 

Vicken Hatsakordzian

Digital Dentures: The Simpler Way of Fabricating Complete Dentures

Thanks to digital technologies, complete dentures can be quickly produced and predicted in only a few steps - CADCAM makes this possible. A new process allows you to fabricate a prosthesis from two different material discs in your dental laboratory and you and your patients will be impressed with the aesthetics: a “Digital Denture”. (more…)

Oliver Ambridge

A Process for the modal free crown

A first hand insight into digital dentistry from a fully digital laboratory; the area in which digital adaptations to your workflow can help both clinician and laboratory to improve time, efficiency and patient communication, with the introduction of model free crown production using guided surgery, immediate placements and intraoral 3D scans. (more…)
Gillian Egan

Digital removal partial dentures (RPD)

See firsthand how to digitise your chrome denture designs, what you can achieve, how do the laser sintered chromes compare and how does the work flow fit into your laboratory. Take a peek at some of the new metal free RPD materials that are appearing on the market. How do they perform, is the design different and what has the feedback been like so far. (more…)
Petr Mysicka

eLAB® – new digital shade matching technique – Suitable for Laboratory

The : eLAB® protocol is an innovative, new approach designed to make shade matching of indirect restorations more reliable. This protocol is driven by standardisation, from correctly capturing the initial situation with the digital camera in the surgery, to digital work flow in the laboratory. (more…)
Michal Kawczynski & Rune Fisker

Whats New 2018 – 3Shape Software update, tips and tricks

Innovation never stops at 3Shape and 3Shape Dental System enables the widest range of treatment workflows and provides the largest suite of digital tools and libraries. During the following break-out session you will find out, what new business opportunities are waiting for you within the next Dental System 2018 update. (more…)
Nicolas Klaus

How accessible 3D printing is transforming the dental industry

3D printing has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1980s. Especially recently, the technology has become much more affordable and easy to operate. This is having an impact on the entire dental industry: Traditional divisions of work are changing and a whole new set of skills, such as knowledge of relevant software, is becoming essential. This presentation is delving into the changing dental landscape and is pointing out opportunities for first-movers going forward.  (more…)

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Power of BIOCOPY

Until very recently the esthetic result of the frontal region lay solely on the lab technician. To give a restoration its natural shape is a feat not easily achieved even by even the most skilled of technicians, due to the limitations set by the creative part of the human brain. This part of the brain allows us to create one (99% of people), maximum two (remaining 1%) natural algorithm of teeth which each dentist and technician uses on all of his patients. (more…)

A new era of orthodontic planning, problem-solving, and patient satisfaction

Powered by new technology, orthodontic practices are relying on digital applications to achieve new levels of clinical excellence. Dr. Paschal will share how digital intelligence can increase clinical efficiencies, effectiveness, and overall patient satisfaction.  All Orthodontists should pay close attention to the evolution of the Digital Workflow within todays Orthodontic Practice. (more…)

Prosthetic Rehabilitations

Within the field of prosthetic rehabilitations, we have for many years used codified and widely described protocols in literature, with results that have met our expectations and well above those of our patients. It is true that the advent of new technologies has enabled the dental team to use new materials and new equipment to facilitate the production, adaptation and accuracy of the prosthetic rehabilitation that has, up to now, been difficult to obtain. (more…)

Computer Aided Dentistry

Everything in our daily life is becoming digital. Digital means objective, reproducible, repeatable, effective, precise. Can we talk about the Digital Aesthetics? If we really do understand the main points of an aesthetic smile, the basic characteristics are able to be digitised. Final micro-aesthetics, usually visible only by professionals are still a matter of a manual work. (more…)

Modern education in the digital age

The General Dental Council now requires all dentists (and soon all dental registrants) to be compliant with the new Enhanced CPD rules. This has various facets included within it, one of which is to keep a PDP.


Coffee & Exhibition

Grab a coffee and take some time to check out our exhibition space.

Lunch & Exhibition

Refuel for the afternoon sessions and take some time to check out our exhibition space.

Coffee & Exhibition

Grab a coffee and take some time to check out our exhibition space.

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We’re very excited to announce our Keynote speaker Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD.

Dr. Bertalan Mesko is the Medical Futurist. A geek physician with a PhD in genomics and Amazon Top 100 author, he envisions the impact of digital health technologies on the future of healthcare, and helps patients, doctors, government regulators and companies make it a reality.

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Dr. Bertalan Mesko

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